Moon Valley

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It is one of the most visited places in San Pedro and is located 17 kilometers from the center of San Pedro, in the area of ​​the Cordillera de la Sal, it is an interesting area of ​​stone and sand formations that for millennia floods and winds have given a series of colors and texture to the desert presents an extraordinary attraction for its similarity to the lunar surface and large natural coliseum. From a large dune it is possible to appreciate the wonderful and surprising surroundings of this area.

Set of landscapes of incomparable beauty and that resemble a fragment of the lunar landscape.

This wonderful natural phenomenon is due to the encounter of the Atacama desert with the Andes mountain range, which is produced by gentle changes of slopes, conformed by rounded cones coming from the cordilleran ravines.

The Valley of the Moon has dry lakes, where the salt composition of these covers a beautiful whitish mantle; escarpments of all colors green, blue, red, yellow surprising with the most diverse and surprising forms and to which the sun varies its tones in a thousand different forms during the day, especially in the twilight hours that reaches its maximum beauty.

On nights of full moon, the valley also presents an indescribable aspect, full of majesty and silence, coldly beautiful and imposing.

It has several saline outcrops that look like real sculptures as well as a great variety of caverns.

In this place you can observe a geological show of great beauty, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Declared a sanctuary of nature for its great natural beauty and strange lunar appearance to which it owes its name. It is visited by hundreds of tourists every year for being one of the best known places in Chile.

-Departure: 15:30 (From agency)

-Finish : 20:00 / 20:30

-Tour Cost: $18.000

-Entry fee: $5.000

-Recommendations: Wear light clothes/ Jacket / Sunscreen / Water / Flashlight.

Places to Visit:

*Death Valley *Salt Canon *Three Marías *Amphitheater *Sunset.