Uyuni Salt Lake

Departure Date




-Departure: 7:30am (From Hostel)

-Tour Cost: 3n/ 4d $ 135.000 (returns to San Pedro)

2n/3d $ 115.000 (Finishes in Uyuni)


Includes: Transfer In/Out , Meals, Accsses to Shower, Sleep at shared room Hostel.

You will visit: White Lagoon, green lagoon, Polques Hot Spring, Dali desert, Sol de mañana Geyser, Altiplanic Lagoons, Fish Island and much more.

Additionaly you must have: 6 liters water botle / 250 bolivian pesos (around 30,000 chilean) / Snack / Swimsuit / Inmigration chilean document (PDI document) / Toilet Paper. / Warm and fresh clothing/ towel,

-Recommendations: take warm clothes, bring a bathing suit and towels, carry toilet paper, carry 5Lt. of water for the whole tour, bring your documentation up to date (very important)


IMPORTANT: Verify if Bolivia asks passport upon your nationality.

Places to Visit:

*White Lagoon *Green lagoon *Polques Hot Spring *Dali desert *Sol de mañana Geyser *Altiplanic Lagoons *Fish Island *and much more.